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About   Stera   Chemicals

Stera Chemicals celebrates in 2019 its 20th anniversary since started the import and distribution of raw materials for Cosmetics and Detergents, Food and Beverage, Paints and Varnishes, Rubber and Plastics as well as the Construction industry

In 1999 we started our business in a small rented space with 2 employees and a laboratory and we managed to become today the second biggest distributor for raw materials in the Romanian market.

Currently our portfolio lists over 1000 products, serving more than 900 customers and reaching 33-million-euro in turnover. We are extremely proud that we export our products to 9 countries in Europe.

We’re constantly investing in technology, people and new distribution channels. We strive to continuously innovate for achieving operational and logistics excellence.

We are planning to build the most modern logistic centre for liquid and solid chemical products in Eastern Europe in order to store, handle and repack normal and dangerous chemicals.

We already started the implementation of a fully automated system called Robot Process Automation, to replace repetitive tasks.

We are currently developing a regional warehouse network located in ports and free zones to provide competitive solutions for our customers. Through the implementation of modern software solutions for real time collaboration and warehouse management (WMS), we’ve reduced the waiting time of our customers arriving at the warehouse to less than 15 minutes.

By precise labelling, batch traceability and proper packaging of the goods we ensure integrity and safety during transport. Stera Chemicals delivers the orders in a timely, correct and complete manner.

Responsibility and integrity as well as professionalism have always been the values we have built on this business. We will continue to innovate, invest in people and develop the Stera Chemicals brand in and outside Romania with great passion and dedication.