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Stera Chemicals – Departments Presentations

Nume Data Link
Cosmetics and Detergents.pdf 2019-06-10 Download
Coatings and Paints.pdf 2019-06-10 Download
Rubber and plastics.pdf 2019-06-10 Download
Pigments and Constructions.pdf 2019-06-10 Download
Inks and adhesives.pdf 2019-06-10 Download
Food.pdf 2019-06-10 Download

Stera Chemicals – Company Presentation

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Stera Chemicals Company Presentation.pdf 2019-03-15 Download

ISO Certificates

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ISO 9001 2019-03-15 Download
ISO 14001 2019-03-15 Download
ISO 18001 2019-03-15 Download


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__________ 2020-xx-xx Download