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General provisions

  1. These General Conditions are applicable to all present and future transactions between STERA CHEMICALS as Seller and its customers as Buyer in relation to the trade in chemicals (“Products”).
  2. The General Conditions form an integral part of the sale / purchase agreements concluded by STERA CHEMICALS with the Buyers (the “Contract”). The provisions of the General Conditions may be derogated only in writing and only to the extent that this derogation is express.
  3. If there are discrepancies between the clauses of the Contract and the General Conditions, the provisions of the Contract will prevail, the other clauses of the General Conditions remain valid.
  4. Any information, recommendations, offers and conventions agreed with the Seller’s employees, as well as any additional agreements, reservations of rights, amendments and additions to existing conventions require the Seller’s written confirmation to be valid and understandable provided that the Products or delivered to the Buyer correctly and in due time.
  5. Seller is not required to meet those Buyer’s requirements that are contrary to applicable laws or regulations.
  6. It is forbidden to send the Seller’s tender documents to third parties.
  7. We reserve the right to postpone or cancel orders in the short term in case of any restrictions due to a COVID-19 outbreak regarding production, raw material availability and / or logistical issues.
  8. In case the offered products are sold in returnable packaging, they are invoiced with value and will be fully reversed if they are returned intact and uncontaminated within 30 days from the date of issuing the invoice. Stera Chemicals packaging cannot be replaced by other packaging.
  9. For orders with a value of less than 1,000 RON without VAT, a logistics fee of 200 RON without VAT is charged.

Terms of delivery

  1. The delivery terms are stipulated in the annexes of the contract – for each position and are agreed with the client.
  2. The delivery of the goods in advance of the stipulated time limits shall be made only with the written agreement of the buyer.
  3. The delivery term may be modified by the seller in the event of the purchaser failing to fulfill his obligations.
  4. The risk is transmitted from the seller to the buyer from the date of delivery (the date of delivery being considered the date of delivery of the expedition notice or the tax invoice by the purchaser’s delegate).
  5. Since the Seller has made available the Products, the Buyer has the obligation to ensure their safe handling and storage so that they do not cause harm to the environment, goods or people who come into contact with the Products. For any accidents caused by Products, the Buyer will not be able to appeal against the Seller. Buyer warrants that he will comply with the legal provisions on environmental protection and those applicable to chemical products. For any claims made by third parties to the Seller regarding the non-compliance with these obligations, the Buyer will defend the Seller and indemnify him.
  6. In the case of FCA purchase, the Buyer has the obligation to provide the goods during the transport against any risks that may arise during transportation (accidents, total or partial loss of Products, environmental contamination, damage to the third party etc.).
  7. The seller has the right to refuse to load the Products if the vehicle is not authorized or the packaging is not compatible. It is not required to check the packaging provided by the Buyer, especially in terms of their cleanliness and integrity. The Seller is also not liable for damages or defects caused by damaged or inappropriate packaging. Buyer will respond in this respect to any claim made by third parties.

Price. Payment of the price.

  1. The price of the products is established in agreement with the customer and is provided in the annexes to the contract for each individual position.
  2. By product price, the seller-only seller-seller is the transport package (in the case of bulk products) unless otherwise agreed.
  3. The payment of the products’ prices shall be made by the buyer in accordance with the conditions set out in the annexes for each sale.
  4. For products with a total value of more than EUR 10,000, the seller may require the buyer to provide proof of the special and anticipated guarantee of the amounts required to make the payment from the creditor bank by: letter of credit, letter of guarantee, availability certificate or letter of credit. In the absence of this warranty, the seller reserves the right not to launch the order and deliver the goods without being responsible for the delay in delivery or non-performance of the contract.
  5. Change of account or other data regarding the payment of the goods shall be made in writing by the seller, within 5 days.

Returnable packaging.

  1. Return packs circulate with warranty value. They may be freely used by the Buyer for up to 30 days from the date of issue of the invoice.
  2. If the returnable packaging returns after more than 30 days, the value reversal will be as follows:
  3. if the returnable packaging returns after 31 days but within 60 days from the invoice date the reversal invoice will be 80% of the initial invoiced amount
  4. if the returnable packaging is returned after 61 days but within 90 days from the invoice date the reversal invoice will be 50% of the initial invoiced amount
  5. For the returnable packages returned from the 91st day after the invoice, the reversal invoice will have a value 0.
  6. According to the legislation in force, the reversal invoices with value will be approved only for STERA returnable packaging (which has a registration number printed on them) that are not contaminated with other raw materials or impurities (inside and outside) and which are in good working order.
  7. The reversed value will be considered as advance or will be returned.

Liability / Major Force

  1. Force majeure meaning an event independent of the will of the parties, unpredictable and insurmountable, appeared after the conclusion of the contract and which prevents the parties to execute their obligations assumed.
  2. The parties shall not be liable for non-performance of the contractual clauses in the event of force majeure notified within 5 days of its occurrence to the other party and found within 1 day of the notification.
  3. Under these conditions the contract is terminated without any damages.
  4. The buyer is late in law for not fulfilling the obligation to pay the price and owes damages under the terms of the criminal clause.
  5. For unjustified refusal to pay the price under conditions other than those stipulated in the contract, the buyer owes damages to the seller according to the criminal clause.
  6. If by special laws Buyer must sign statements (eg, user statement – precursors) or provide necessary documents for the seller, he is obliged to do so when the goods are removed, otherwise the sale will be postponed until to adjust the situation, without the possibility of the Buyer requesting any penalties of any kind related to the transaction.
  7. Any payment made by the seller because of the buyer’s guilty attitude, such as but not limited to fines, fees, fees, interest, penalties, etc. will be borne by the buyer in full within 3 days of receipt of payment by the seller. In the event of payment delay by Buyer art. 10.3 of the contract shall apply accordingly to unpaid products until the full payment of the debit. Penalties may exceed the debit and any payment will be imputed to the principal.
  8. For each day of delay in payment of the product price, the buyer owes to the seller damages amounting to 0.2% of the value of the outstanding products until the full payment of the debit. Penalties may exceed the debit and any payment will be imputed to them.