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Paper is a natural product, do not damage it with dangerous additives! This is difficult when you need a mold-resistant paper such as soap packaging paper, label paper or drywall. There are just a few registered fungicides that can be used for paper. There are very few, but they can be effective and recommended when they come in contact with the user. Stera Chemicals, representative of Lanxess Germany, offers the first active substance THIABENDAZOL solution that can meet these requirements. CLEAN & PROTEJATE Thiabendazole is the active substance in the form of powder found in the product METASOL TK 100, Lanxess product. There are also available dispersions under the names of AZOTECH and SPORGARD which, combined with other substances, have a similar profile as toxicity and can provide a wide range of efficacy, meeting the most demanding demands.

These fungicides are recommended to be applied to the paper layer or to the press / cutting / sizing machines. The dosage recommendation is 600-800 ppm of the active substance in Metasol TK 100, Sporgard, Azotech or 70 g / m2 paper to obtain the TAPPI T 487


  • Excellent toxicological profile
  • Effect of fungicide
  • No yellowing, no odor
  • Excellent heat resistance
  • Resistance to bases, recommended for pH> 10


  1. BPR (Europe) for TP 7, TP 9 and TP 10 (Sporgard and Azotech in 2016)
  2. EPA (USA)